Cafe Wins Award, Extends Hours and Adds Cocktails

It has been a very exciting week for the Front Street Cafe!

Seabrook Front Street Cafe Razor Clam Chowder FestivalOver the weekend, the 4th Annual Razor Clam festival took place in Ocean Shores. Kathy Casey, one of Seattle’s best known food experts and nationally known chef, had the honor of judging the clam chowders for this year’s competition.

And guess what? Front Street Cafe ran away with this year’s “best clam chowder” title! Chef Everett was pleased to receive the award which is another testament to the Cafe’s continuous drive to serve as one of the best restaurants on the Washington Coast.

But our exciting news don’t stop there! The Front Street Cafe has recently extended its working hours and has added a late night menu as well as a comprehensive cocktail list.

Check out the Hours & Contact Info section for the extended Spring hours, and don’t forget to try our new cocktails while you’re watching those beautiful coastline sunsets on the Cafe’s porch!


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