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BBQ Brew Master Dinner

Join us Saturday, March 14th at 6 PM


Front Street Cafe will be featuring Bar-B-Que from different regions of the USA paired with the beers of Fish Tail Brewery in Olympia, WA


Brew Master Dinner

Featuring Fish Tail Beers

Served with Cornbread and Baked Beans


1st Course BBQ Bourbon Wing Appetizer & “Louisiana” Oysters

*served with IPA

2nd Course “Kansas City” Pork Ribs

*served with Pale Ale

3rd Course “Texas” Beef Brisket

*served with Blonde Lager

4th Course “Carolina” Pulled Pork Shoulder

*served with Pilsner

5th Course Apple Cobbler

*served with coffee service

$45 per person


Congratulations Chef Rob!

Congratulations Chef Rob!

Congratulations are in order for Front Street Cafe’s Chef Robert DeLaura! At the culmination of this weekend’s Pacific Beach Chocolate Festival, Chef Rob was awarded first prize for an exquisite chocolate truffle that he entered into the chocolate baking contest.

Seabrook couldn’t be more proud of Chef Rob! Not only did he prepare and serve a 5 course wine maker’s dinner to 20 people on Friday night, serve an unbelievable amount of people excellent food during the weekend AND a Valentine Dinner on Saturday night, but had time to enter the Pacific Beach Chocolate Contest. I just wish I was there to sample Rob’s prize winning truffle!

Congratulations Rob!

Only a Few Spots Remain for Front Street Cafe’s Wine Maker Dinner

In a similar fashion to the Brew Masters’ Dinner, Front Street Cafe will be featuring an amazing 5 course Northwest cuisine meal, but on this occasion, we will be highlighting some of the best Pacific Northwest and Washington Wines.

Are you curious what Chef Robert DeLaura has chosen to be served? Click here to preview the Menu.