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Thank you for visiting Front Street Cafe’s new website! This webpage will be the place to go for up to the minute information on upcoming events, current menus and new menu additions, catering information, and of course ways for you to get ahold of us.



  Grace & Paul Moretti wrote @

My husband and I are retired and love to travel in our RV, especially to the coast and absolutely adore The Front Street Cafe! Not only is the food outstanding it’s the staff that makes our visits extra special, we have come to care for the front street team.

From our very first visit they have all exceeded our expectations, I being the klutz I am stepped on the curb wrong in front of the restaurant and down I went, they were quite busy at the time but Jerry and Erin immediately came to my rescue. Erin called someone on site to check on my swollen ankle..she never left my side! Eventually a embarrassed me limped into the cafe where she had a table waiting for us..she even bought our lunch!

My ankle ended up being sprained but I learned a valuable lesson even at 63 years old, that lesson is people are still good, people do care..it’s funny but sometimes the most random people can touch our lives in ways you never knew..thank you girls you are in my prayers and we look forward to seeing you this June!

God Bless,
Sincerely Paul & Grace Moretti

  Carol A. Sund wrote @

My hosts, Judy and Ray Horn from Ocean Shores, treated us to lunch at the Front Street Cafe Sun., 2/28/10. We are all exceptionally fond of french onion soup and she’d heard, that although it’s not on the menu, if a call was made 24 hrs. in advance of our visit, it would be available. She called Sat. and was given the chef to talk with (Everett?), he said yes, how many in the party and arrival time.
He followed through! It was delish!!! They even put on the USA/Canada hockey game for me. With the help of the waitress and manager, after paying our bill, they had him out at the front counter, very perplexed as to “why.” The three of us had the pleasure of giving him a standing ovation. So fun. Wonderful atmosphere (great 50’s/60’s music!), food, service.
Thank you.
P.S. By-the-by, why don’t you have your most recent comments first?

  frontstreetcafe wrote @

Hi Carol,

We are so pleased to learn you enjoyed your lunch at the Front Street Cafe! We always strive to prepare what our customers crave, and our chefs do a great job with custom orders too! Hope we see you back at the Cafe soon!

All the best,
the Seabrook Team

P.S. Recent comments are now at the top of the comments page 😉

  marjoriewa wrote @

I feel so fortunate to live in Pacific Beach, and enjoy meals at The Front Street Cafe. The wait staff and chefs are top notch, serving food that is more upscale than what we usually find here. I love the Wedge salad with it’s fresh Blue Cheese dressing, the clam chowder is award winning, the nightly specials are always interesting with wonderful flavors, and the dessers are yummy. I had their donut holes just last week, made fresh to order, served with honey, blackberry jelly, and peanut butter.

  Jacob wrote @

First off we had heard great things about the cafe, so we decdided to give it a try. Our first impressions were great, the restaurant looked cute and clean and our waitress Erin was incredible! That’s about all the good i can say about it..first off we started with award winning chowder (which was cold) and I had fish and chips that tasted okay (although quite greasy) and my wife had a burger that was about the size of a quarter for $11! We decided to give it another try..we came in for breakfast and ordered eggs benedict and oatmeal, the meal took almost an hour to get there and they weren’t busy (we had Erin again as our serever) and the oatmeal looked like it came out of a package and was hard and tasted like paste, our benedict had no ham and was quite cold, i actually felt bad for the waiters that worked there. Needless to say we will not be back unless they get some cooks in there that actually know how to cook!

  frontstreetcafe wrote @

Hi Jacob,

First, let us thank you for taking the time to recount your experience and help us understand how we can better the Front Street Café experience for everyone. We are also glad to hear that you have heard great things, yet disappointed you weren’t able to experience them first hand. Unfortunately for all of us, you caught us at a transition that reflects nearly all the points in which you touched.

We have recently hired a new chef, Rudy Balch, who is now in place full-time to ensure all recipes are exactly followed giving every guest a similar FSC dining experience. In addition to Chef Rudy, we have hired two new cooks, one of which will notably continue his culinary studies at CIA West Coast this fall. We are very excited for these additions and the delicious foods they will be preparing.

Finally, Erin has been promoted to manager and with her hospitality driven attitude and experience, we are certain the food turnaround times and overall guest experience will advance tremendously.

Thank you again for taking the time to let us know your experience. With all these changes taken into consideration, we sincerely hope you will give Front Street Café another try.

The Seabrook Team

  liz wallace wrote @

we are coming in to town for the weekend and would like to try the cafe – what is the address?

  frontstreetcafe wrote @

Hi Liz,
Our address is 5 West Myrtle Lane, Pacific Beach, WA 98571. Enjoy your weekend!

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